Bedroom Paint Ideas

What is the best bedroom paint color? Just like the room itself, the answer is always: it’s personal. Browse these beautifully painted bedrooms and get inspired by the transformative power of color.

Make your bedroom the perfect space to refresh and relax with Aura® Interior, Benjamin Moore’s most premium paint. After all, when it comes to your private sanctuary, you deserve brilliant, rich, everlasting color.

Transform Your Bedroom with Color

Seeing is believing. Explore the powerful impact a range of expertly chosen Benjamin Moore paint colors has on one bedroom. Paint color highlights from the video include:

Inspired by the bedroom color ideas in this video? Sample them at home!

How Bedroom Paint Colors Influence Mood

Do you need a wake up spark to motivate you? Or do you prefer a cocoon for a pure respite? Keep these color tips in mind:

  • Soft, warm colors are often used for cozy and intimate spaces
  • Cool hues create calm, yet refreshing atmospheres
  • Deeply saturated paint colors energize and envelop

If your ultimate goal is simply a tranquil bedroom, you can never go wrong with neutralsoff-white and soft gray paint colors.

Dive deeper into your color journey with tips on shaping Your Personal Color Palette.