Top Five Benjamin Moore Mid-Tone Colors


This is one of the warmest of medium toned neutrals. It can be considered taupey beige that is soft and subtle. This pairs well with creams and off-whites, as well as warmer more traditional colors like reds, olives greens and burnt oranges. You might want to try a backdrop color with a reddish undertone.


This historical color is found in off whites and historical colors on Benjamin Moore color lists. It is one of the darker off-whites in the white section colors. This color creates a blend of warmth and familiarity in any room. This is a popular color in neutral environments like office spaces and waiting rooms.


This is a slightly darker neutral. It does appear a little more beige than gray. The amount of light you have in your space can affect this color. In smaller rooms, it will appear darker and larger eastern facing rooms it will appear grayer. On western or southern facing walls is will feel warmer. This medium tone neutral is ideal for muted shades.


This grayish color is part of the off-whites and leans towards a lighter and grayer scale of neutrals. It has a neutral undertone and makes for a very versatile color in your home. It complements other grays while maintaining a good balance with darker furniture in your home. This color feels fresh in many spaces in your home.


This has been Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors for the longest time. It has a perfect blend of beige and gray. This color pairs well with traditional browns and warmer tones and warmer grays. It is truly a perfect color as it will look warmer with warm lighting or cooler with cooler lighting.